Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Topic: Parents and Reading: Fluency

10-second review: Activities parents can do with their young children at home to support learning to read: fluency.

Title: “Strategies for Engaging Parents in Home Support of Reading Acquisition.” Sharon Darling. Reading Teacher (February 2005), 476-479. A publication of the International Reading Association (IRA).

Activities for Parents and Children:Fluency.

Read aloud often, encouraging the child to read aloud.

Let the child choose books to read and re-read favorite books.

Model reading for fun and pleasure. (That means, read yourself. RayS.)

Act out a book or story.

Read aloud a sentence and then invite the child to read the same sentence (i.e., echo reading).

Help the child read new words and talk about the meaning.

Talk with the child at the library about how to pick out books of interest at an appropriate reading level.

Comment: Fluency has become much more popular in reading instruction after the National Reading Panel listed it as an important part of reading. RayS.

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