Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Archive Research: Oral Reading Fluency

Question: What does oral reading fluency consist of and which of its components is least studied?

Answer: Oral reading fluency consists of reading rate, accuracy and expression. Expression s is least studied because it is more difficult to measure. The result of this study was that when children read orally with skilled expression, the qualities of expression contribute to comprehension of difficult materials.

Comment: The results of this study are another reason for working on oral reading fluency. The assumption is that when children read with oral fluency, they will do the same with silent reading and silent use of expression will contribute to comprehension of complex and difficult text. RayS.

Title: “Text Complexity and Oral Reading Prosody in Young Readers.” RG Benjamin and PS Schwanenflugel. Reading Research Quarterly (October/ November/ December 2010), 388 – 104.

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