Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Research in Education: Does It Make a Difference?

Answer: Not if you’re looking for immediate answers. Look at the long-term effects of research.

Quote: “One of the more imperishable myths of American education is that research has had little or no impact on the nature and quality of education in this country. Despite the continuous outpouring of monographs, leaflets, and pamphlets on ‘What Research Says,’ a large number of teachers continue to insist that the findings of educational research make very little difference in changing the classroom instruction.” 63.

Quote: “…sufficient to make my central point. Look not for immediate changes; look rather for the long-range impact of an entire body of research.” 65.

Comment: This article changed my perspective toward educational research. RayS.

Title: “Research Can Make a Difference.” James R. Squire. Research in the Teaching of English (Spring 1976), 63-65.

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