Monday, February 16, 2009

Topic: Speaking in Small Groups (3)

10-second review: A three-part article taken from my book, Teaching English, How To…., (Xlibris, 2004) consisting of my approach to teaching formal speech, engaging in small-group activities and responding to interview questions, especially job interviews.

Title: “How Can Teachers Help Students Overcome Their Fear of Speaking in Public?” Teaching English, How To…. Raymond Stopper. Xlibris, 2004. pp. 297-305.

Task Roles in making small groups work:

1. Initiating: Proposing tasks or goals; defining a group problem; suggesting a procedure.

2. Information or opinion seeking: requesting facts; asking for suggestions and ideas.

3. Information or opinion giving: offering facts; stating a belief; giving suggestions or ideas.

4. Clarifying or elaborating: interpreting or reflecting ideas and suggestions; clearing up confusion; indicating alternatives before the group; giving examples.

5. Summarizing: Pulling together related ideas; restating suggestions after the group has discussed them; offering a decision for the group to accept or reject.

6. Consensus testing: Checking with the group to see how much agreement has been reached.

Next: Self-serving roles that keep small groups from working.

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