Monday, June 29, 2009

Topic: Writing for the Web

10-second review: Strong beginning, short sentences and helpful titles, subtitles and section headings.

Title: “The Web’s Impact on Writing….” CS Stepp. American Journalism Review (Vol. 24, Issue 8, p. 83), 2002. Review of a book by Bruce Ross-Larson, Writing for the Information Age.

Summary: Get to the point quickly. If you were limited to one sentence, what would it be? That’s your main message. Inject links for related material. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. One idea per paragraph but some ideas need several paragraphs. Use helpful titles, subtitles and section headings.

Comment: Helpful advice. I have tried to follow it in this blog. The one thing I haven’t done is to provide links to related material. I’ll think about it. Here’s a link that I found helpful on the topic of writing for the Web: RayS.

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