Thursday, July 16, 2009

Topic: English Usage

10-second review: The author, Philip Dunne, a screenwriter and director, admits that language must change, but then he launches into a tirade about what he calls destructive changes.

Title: “Just Between You and I.” Philip Dunne. Newsweek (February 13, 1978), p. 18.

Summary: What language doesn’t he like? Adding -ize to verbs (“finalize,” etc.). “Media” as singular. “Criteria” for “criterion.” “Disinterested: for “uninterested.” “Lady” for “woman.” “Home” for “house.” “Flaunt” for “flout.” “Everybody is entitled to their rights.” “Last night she cooked dinner for she and I.” “Hopefully” as a dangler. And “y’know” for “uh….”

He concludes with this summation:

“But, hopefully, some man or lady writing or speaking for a media, some, you know, commentator, editorial writer, or, you know, politician or preacher, will read this article and will adopt a, you know, new criteria and realize that they must stop flaunting the, you know, basic rules of the language, which, like I just explained, is now creating so much bad blood between them and I.”

Comment: I’m with the author. RayS.

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