Thursday, July 30, 2009

Topic: Writing and Audience

10-second review: Write letters to two different audiences on the same topic.

Title: “Teaching English in the World: Writing for Real.” K. Lindblom. English Journal (September 2004), 104-108. A publication of the National Council of the Teachers of English (NCTE).

Summary: Suggests the concept of “triangulation.” For example, write a letter to your parents encouraging their vote for the school budget. Then write a letter to the residents of a retirement home, urging them to vote for the school budget. Establishes clearly the concept of audience.

Comment: The author speaks disparagingly of “school writing” without a real purpose or a real audience. “Triangulation” using two separate and distinct audiences is one method of establishing real writing for real audiences in the writing classroom. I have to admit that I never emphasized audience much when I taught writing. The author’s suggestion, I think, is a good one. RayS.

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