Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Topic: Writing and Sidebars

10-second review; Interesting information that doesn’t fit into your newspaper or magazine main articles can be presented in attractive sidebars.

Title: “An Appetizer for Editors.” JK Borchardt. The Writer (September 2005), 26-27. The Writer is a magazine by writers for writers.

Quote: “Sidebars are more than a mere sideshow to your magazine or newspaper article. They can add valuable information, interest and visual appeal, and benefit both readers and writers. For readers, sidebars can offer the information or motivation they need to take action as a result of reading your article. They also provide a reader-friendly home for interesting information that doesn’t ‘fit’ into the flow of a main article.” p. 26.

Types of Sidebars: Lists of resources; “How-To” do something in main article; Questions to ask; Quizzes; Glossary; Interview; Anecdotes; Recipe; Worksheet; Personal information; Useful or fascinating information; Interesting Trivia.

Comment. Caveat: Sidebars that are not interesting can annoy and distract the reader. Still, I need to experiment with sidebars in writing this blog. I don’t know if the format allows for sidebars in blogs. Study the sidebars in your newspapers and magazines for tips on how to make them interesting. RayS.

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