Thursday, October 8, 2009

Topic: What Good Writers Do

10-second review: Charles Stallard ‘’…compared the writing performance or behavior of fifteen good writers and fifteen randomly selected writers in Grade 12.”

Title: “Research Roundup: Oral and Written Composition.” Charles R. Cooper. English Journal (December 1975), p. 73. The secondary school publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Quote: “The good writers can be described in the following way: They spent more time thinking about the assignment before beginning; spent more time planning and writing; wrote more slowly, producing about half as many words per minute as the randomly chosen writers; did more revising; frequently stopped writing to read over what they had written; and expressed concern about having a purpose in their writing.” Charles Stallard.

Comment: Comparing my own writing process to that described by Stallard, I think about and plan my writing as do they. However, I rapidly complete the rough draft before spending time revising and editing. I find that if I don’t complete the rough draft quickly, my re-reading what I have written will stall my writing and I might never actually complete it. Of course,

I do re-read what I write as I revise and edit. My purpose is usually part of my planning.

Might be useful to share this summary of what good writers do with students and have them describe how they go about writing. RayS.

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