Thursday, January 21, 2010

Topic: Application of Skills in Real-World Situations

10-second review: How apply student learning to real-world situations? The Math Standards recommend that students should learn math in contexts outside of math, in other words, in real world applications, like finance. Source: HS Shultz. Mathematics Teacher (April 2005), 531-532.

10-second review: Author sets out to answer the question, “How fair and accurate are drug tests of student athletes,” another real-world application of math. Source: IE Lyublinskaya. Mathematics Teacher (April 2005), 536-543.

Comment: I think in English, a major problem exists in helping students tackle real-world writing situations. We may teach the basics, but they need to be applied. Writing in real-world situations will almost certainly involve changing formats from the standard model of the five-paragraph essay. Students need to be taught how to make those adjustments. RayS.

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