Thursday, January 14, 2010

Topic: Reading Courses in the High School Elective Curriculum

10-second review: Basic Reading, Developmental Reading, Speed Reading, Advanced Reading I, Advanced Reading II, Reading for Research, Reading Seminar, Reading Nonfiction, Reading Skills for College.

Title: “Reading as an Elective in the English Program.” P. Hodges. Journal of Reading (October 1974), 30-33. Publication preceded Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy by the International Reading Association (IRA).


Basic Reading for students who are reading below grade level.

Developmental Reading for students who need study skills.

Speed Reading: see my chapter in Teaching English, How To…. for the description of one method of teaching speed reading.

Advanced Reading I: Focus on the different structure and style in different types of reading. [I think I would substitute“Previewing” with different types of reading material. RayS.]

Advanced Reading II: Study two novels in depth.

Reading for Research: Focus on note taking and preparation for a thirty-page research paper.

Reading Nonfiction: Suggestions on how to read nonfiction efficiently—and writing nonfiction.

Reading Skills for College: SAT and ACT prep. Use of the library. Reading textbooks. Note-taking from lectures.

Comment: An interesting list of courses, each clearly delineated. RayS.

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