Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Topic: Doctors and Literature

10-second review: Doctors gain a greater sense of empathy by reading and discussing medical-related novels in book clubs.

Title: “Humanities for Doctors.” Alan Scher Zagier. West Chester, PA Daily Local News, (Monday, March 15, 2010), p. D1.

Quote: “A hospital in Bangor, Maine, held the first program in 1997 and has spread over the years to 25 states, including California, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio and Virginia.”

Quote: “A 2005 study by the Maine council showed that participants reported greater empathy for patients and colleagues, higher cultural awareness, increased job satisfaction and improved interpersonal skills.”

Quote: “Literature… has a lot to teach the health care world about medicine. Literature is messy. There’s not a black and white answer…. So much of the expectations on them [doctors and nurses] are black and white, to have an answer. This helps them fit into that hard space of not necessarily knowing the answer.”

Comment: After my experiences with doctors, I think all of them could benefit from such a reading program. RayS.

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