Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Topic: Motivating Junior High Readers

10-second review: Suggests that teachers read books and share passages from what they are reading with the students.

Title: “Motivating Junior High Readers.” M Hovious. Journal of Reading (February 1974), 373-375.

Quote: “Entering kindergarten or first grade, all they want to do is read. But before leaving the middle grades they’re not interested in reading and the situation mushrooms through the remaining school years.”

Quote: “Some place within the structure of a child’s education, there has to be a way to get children to want to read.”

Comment: From 15 minutes a day to previewing textbooks chapters, magazine articles, nonfiction books, novels, short stories, this course is needed to show students how to become involved in reading when they really don’t have any desire to do so. RayS.

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