Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Topic: Language Experience

10-second review: Provide experiences for students that they respond to while their comments are recorded on chart paper or black or white boards.

Title: “A Workshop Tried and True: Language Experience for Bilinguals.” JR Feeley. Reading Teacher (October 1979), 25-27.

Summary: Whether reading a story or poems, or doing a science experiment, or cooking from a recipe or field trips, any group experience can become a source for students’ dictated language that is recorded on chart paper and then read back by the students.

Comment: Language experience is a direct method for teaching reading. Students learn to read by connecting their listening/speaking vocabulary to words in printed form. Giving the students direct experiences to which they respond orally is one of the best methods for using language experience, which is also an early experience with organizing and composing with writing. RayS.

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