Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Research: The Contexts of Writing

Question: What are the Contexts of Writing?

A. Ownership: Child decides to write; child required to write; child encouraged, not required, to write.

B. Setting: School; home and school; on the move (car, bus, short trips, etc.).

C. Audience: Adults at school; adults unrelated to school (President, Santa Claus, etc.); peers; self; general (anyone, everyone).

D. Purpose: To fulfill a requirement; to interact with others; to share something admired; create; facilitate; bored; to express emotion, etc.

E. Genres: School writing; common forms (fiction, essays, poems, etc.).

Comment: Might be interesting to have students complete this checklist with each writing assignment. RayS.

Title: “Context and Children’s Writing.” Sally A. Hudson. Research in the Teaching of English (October 1986), 294-316.

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