Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Research: Issues in Second-Language Learning

Question: What are a few of the issues in second language learning, specifically concerning reading comprehension?

Answer: L1 is English. L2 is the second language, the native language of the learner.

L1-based models of reading comprehension are based on oral language skills. L2 readers begin reading instruction in English without sufficient oral language proficiency.

L2 reading processes involve textual processes (word recognition, graphophonic, syntactic) and intertextual variables (prior knowledge, strategies to improve comprehension).

L2: Motivation

L2: Grammar

L2: Extensive reading, i.e., long text

L2: Fluency

L2: ineffective strategies—word-by-word reading.

Comment: Most of these issues are issues for L1 (native English readers) also. RayS.

Title: “Issues in Second-Language Reading: Implications for Acquisition and Instruction.” Review by Hossein Nassaji. Reading Research Quarterly (April/May/June 2011),173-184.

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