Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Researchers and Teachers


Question: How should researchers deal with classroom problems when conducting research?

Answer: The answer is not an answer. It’s a framing of the question. In attempting to encourage using English learners’ [English as a second language] background and cultural diversity as a positive involvement in teaching English as a second language, how should researchers proceed with a group of teachers in the class who believe that the language diversity is a deficit in learning English? Should the researcher let the disagreement run its course without intervening or should the researchers intervene on behalf of the theme of the course?

Comment: In this case the researchers are the teachers. Their purpose is to encourage the use of diversity as a positive factor in learning a second language. In this case, they can’t be both teachers and objective researchers. RayS.

Title: “Constructing Difference Differently in Language an Literacy Professional Development.” TP Crumpler, LJ Handsfield and JR Dean. Research in the Teaching of English (August 2011), 55-88.

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