Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Topic: Students' Evaluation of Teachers

Title: "Evaluation By Students.” Marilyn E. Stassen. English Journal (March 1973), 459-460. A publication of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Summary/Quote: “Student evaluations of teachers can be helpful if they focus more on the course being taught than on the eccentricities of the teacher. They can offer valuable guidance to teachers as they evaluate and reconstruct the course for the next year.”

Suggested Student Evaluation Form: List at the top the units taught during the year. Then:
1. In my opinion__________ was the best activity or unit of the year because…..
2. In my opinion __________ was the worst activity or unit of the year because….
3. In my opinion this teacher’s greatest strengths are ___________.
4. In my opinion this teacher’s major weaknesses are ___________.

The purpose of this blog is to summarize articles on teaching English/language arts, from kindergarten through college, published in English education journals from the past.

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