Thursday, July 24, 2008

Topic: Those Review Texts--What to Do About Them?

10-Second Review: Using the textbooks submitted to teachers for review.

Title: “Making a Virtue of Necessity.” KM Swaim. College Composition and Communication (February 1988), 87-88.

Summary: When the book store ran out of required texts, the author brought to class copies of the many review copies she had saved over the years on shelves in her office. Students who had the required text summarized the information on the assigned topic in the chapter in the required text and those who had copies of the review texts found the information on the same topic in their texts—with whatever additional or different ideas they found.

Comment: You don’t have to wait for the book store to run out. Even students who have the required text can spend some time reviewing texts sent to the instructor for review to learn their special approaches to the topics in the required text. What a great idea. Now I can put to productive use the many review texts that were sitting on my shelf. Rays.

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