Thursday, February 11, 2010

Topic: Assigning Projects

10-second review: If you’re gong to assign a project for students to complete, complete the project yourself and use your results in introducing the assignment.

Title: “An Assignment strategy.” RF Wolfe. Journal of Reading (October 1974), 87.

Comment: Completing assignments yourself and using your results in introducing the assignment has been criticized in the past as intimidating to the students who will realize that they can’t produce the quality of their teacher’s work. Well, there are pluses and minuses. The teacher’s product is a model to help students understand both the process and the product. The teacher learns the pitfalls of doing the project and can help the students anticipate and deal with them. Seeing the completed project says to the students, “I can do this.” On the whole, I think carrying out a project you are going to assign is a positive motivator for the students. RayS.

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