Monday, February 22, 2010

Topic: Comprehension Lesson

10-second review: Five steps in developing comprehension using an article or book.

Title: “Extending Concepts Through Language Activities.” MT Smith-Burke in Reader Meets Author/Bridging the Gap.” Ed. JA Langer and MT Smith-Burke. IRA. 1982, pp. 163-179.

Summary: Establish purpose for reading. Silent reading for the purpose. Writing out what has been learned. Discussing what has been learned. Comparing original response with the last response and write the final interpretation. Author defines comprehension as “…resides not in the page nor in the reader but in the encounter between the two.” (Shaughnessy, 1977).

Comment: The difference in comprehension between the initial and later responses will result from the discussion. Discussion alters comprehension. RayS.

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