Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Topic: Levels and Skills of Comprehension.

10-second review: Ruddell’s (1974) levels of comprehension: factual, interpretive, applicative. Skills of comprehension: events recalled; sequence of events; facts recalled; details recalled.

Title: “Reading to Children: A Communicative Process.” JL Gren and JO Harker in Reader Meets Author/Bridging the Gap.” Ed. JA Langer and MT Smith-Burke. IRA. 1982. pp. 196-221.

Comment: The “applicative” level of comprehension means applying the information read in some way. This step, in my experience, is usually ignored after students have completed factual recall and interpretation. Skills of comprehension involve recall and are divided into events and facts and details. Probably a useful way to define comprehension. RayS.

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