Friday, July 8, 2011

Using a Corpus of Language Samples

Question: What is a corpus of language data?

Answer/Quote: “A corpus is a collection of linguistic data, spoken and/or written, compiled ;primarily for the purpose of research although, in the past decade, corpora have been used for language learning/teaching, especially foreign/second-language/learning teaching. While most corpus data are composed of natural language, such as real conversations and newspaper articles, some are not, e.g., movie scripts and language produced in tests for assessment purposes. Most corpora today are computerized.” 354-355.

On page 356, the reader is given a corpus of language involving the expression “back on track” from a variety of sources.

Comment: Interesting approach to studying language. In the case of “back on track,” the researcher can note the differences in meaning in using that expression. RayS.

Title: “Making Grammar Instruction More Empowering: An Exploratory Case Study of Corpus Use in the Learning/Teaching of Grammar.” D Liu. Research in the Teaching of English (May 2011), 353-377.

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