Monday, August 29, 2011

Rubrics for Rating Writing, Low to High

Question: What are the characteristics of a paper rated “low” and a paper rated “high”?


a. no focus, development, nor details

b dominated by ineffective, unnatural language

c. distractingly bad grammar

d. provokes the question “What’s it about?”

e. lacks control of language or sentence structure

a. tightly focused, but not necessarily perfect

b. originality

c. noticeable language control: mature sentences and grammar

d. sense of audience; distinct and sincere voice

e. memorable examples. Pp. 422-423.

Note: The two missing categories are labeled “not so low” and “not so high.”

Comment: Even though these rubrics provide guidance, they are still subjective. RayS.

Title: “The Effect of Word Processing on the Quality of Basic [College] Writers’ Revision.” C McAllister and R Louth. Research in the Teaching of English (December 1988), 417-427.

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