Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vocabulary in 3-and 4-Year-Old Children


Question: Why is vocabulary enrichment important in early childhood?

Answer/Quote: “A large and rich vocabulary is one of the strongest predictors of reading comprehension…. Studies have demonstrated that the size of an individual’s word knowledge is related not only to comprehension in elementary grades…but also to fluency and comprehension in high school.” P. 249.

Quote: “The purpose of this study was to examine the hypothesis that helping pre-schoolers learn words through categorization may enhance their ability to retain words and their conceptual properties….” P. 249.

Comment: Makes sense. Learning to  read means applying words and understanding in oral vocabulary to the same words on the printed page. RayS.

Title: “Educational Effects of a Vocabulary Intervention on Preschoolers’ Word Knowledge and Conceptual Development: A Cluster-Randomization Trial.” SB Neuman, et al. Reading Research Quarterly (July/ August /September 2011), 249-271.

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