Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Technology and the Classroom


Question: How well are teachers integrating technology into the classroom?

Answer: A national survey. Introducing a new abbreviation to the jargon of edu-speak: ICTs or “information communication technologies. “Results reveal relatively low levels of curricular integration, consistent perceptions about obstacles to integration and technological rather than curricular definitions of ICTs and of integration.” P. 312. [Comment: I take it that the latter means a focus on technology rather than integration of the technologies in the classroom. RayS.]

Note: “The International Reading Association (IRA) has adopted a position statement on the matter that takes the following stance: To become fully literate in today’s world students must become proficient in the new literacies of 21st century technologies. As a result, literacy educators have a responsibility to effectively integrate these new technologies into the curriculum, preparing students for the literacy future they deserve (IFA, 2009, n.p.).”

Comment: This study suggests that there is relatively little integration of technologies into the curriculum. RayS.

Title: “Teachers’ Perceptions of Integrating Information and Communication Technologies [ICTs], into Literacy Instruction: A National Survey in the United States;.” A Hutchison and D Reinking. Reading Research Quarterly (October/November/December 2011), 312-33.

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