Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Question: What is the nature of editing?

Answer: One finding of this research study was that “editing may be a more cognitively complex task that theorists and practitioners have thought.” P. 398.

Quote: “Future studies might alter the design used in this study to verify what can only be inferred here: that editing, rather than being easier than revising, is a complex task that requires editors to draw on and coordinate as many aspects of rhetorical and cognitive processes as writers do when they approach a totally new rhetorical problem.:” p. 419.

Comment: Editing has always been thought of as strictly “surface features” like grammar which are easier to correct than revision. Maybe those “surface features” are more complex to correct than has been originally thought. I have always wondered how revision and editing could be separated. In some cases, the problem involves both. RayS.

Title: “A Study of Professional and Experienced Writers Revising and Editing at the Computer and with Pen and Paper.” Jean A Lutz. Research in the Teaching of English (December 1987), 398-421.

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