Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Annotated Research

Question: Do teachers reflect on their teaching?

Answer: “Found that teachers rarely distanced themselves from daily routines to reflect upon their teaching.” FM Owen. 1990. P. 253.

Comment: If there is one thing that I regret about my teaching career, it is that I failed to take the time to reflect on my lessons in secondary English. Teacher pre-service programs should emphasize this practice. It would have made me a much better teacher. Sort of like what I am doing now with my blogs. For most articles that I summarize, I comment or reflect on the ideas presented. These comments are as significant to me as the ideas themselves. They tell me what I would do with the idea in my classroom. RayS.

Title: “Annotated Bibliography of Research in the Teaching of English.” JD Marshall and RK Durst. Research in the Teaching of English (May 1991), 236.

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