Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Topic: Mentoring

10-second review: For what it’s worth, here are the characteristics of becoming a successful mentor, which is no easy task. In fact, in some cases, says the authors, for some beginning teachers, no mentoring is better than misguided mentoring.

Title: “Designing A Mentor Program.” TM McCann and LR Johannessen. English Journal (March 2010), 94-96.

Characteristics of a Successful Mentor: demonstrated record as an exemplary teacher; strong communication skills; trustworthy and sensitive to obligations about confidentiality; experienced with a similar teaching assignment; easily accessible; responsible; empathic; supportive; open; resourceful.

Quote: “It is also valuable to devise a formative assessment procedure so that new teachers can alert a Mentor Program organizer when the mentor arrangement is not functioning effectively, e.g., the mentor is not available to meet , the mentor is assuming an evaluator role, the mentor is generally not supportive, etc.”

Comment: The guidelines for the mentoring program need to be clearly defined. RayS.

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