Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Topic: Portfolios

10-second review: Some questions students should answer in writing as they review their portfolios. The answers can also shed some light on the teacher’s writing program.

Title: “Overflowing But Underused: Portfolios As A Means of Program Evaluation and Student Self[assessment.” DA Gorlewski. English Journal (March 2010), 97-191.

What are my goals for writing?
What writing habits do I have in terms of genre, length, paragraphing, and topics?
What strategies do I employ to improve my writing?
How do I typically begin a piece of writing?
How do I typically end a piece of writing?
What mistakes do I seem to make regularly?
What problems do I encounter when I write?
Which is my best work and why?
Which is my poorest work and why?
What are my strengths as a writer?

Comment: One good reason for using portfolios or at least collecting the students’ writing. However, make sure that the finished writing goes home before collecting or parents will think that students are not learning to write. RayS.

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