Monday, May 3, 2010

Topic: Prominent Positive and Negative Features of Student Writing

10 second review: Attempts to assess positive and negative features of students’ writing, a kind of global summing up.

Title: “Prominent Feature Analysis: What It Means for the Classroom.” SS Swain, et al. English Journal (March 2010), 84-99.

Positive Prominent Features: elaborated details; metaphor; sensory language; alliteration; vivid nouns/verbs; striking words; verb cluster; absolutes; balance and parallelism; sentence variety; subordinate sequence; coherence/cohesion; narrative storytelling; hyperbole; cumulative sentences; noun cluster; adverbial leads; effective repetition; effective organization; transitions; voice; addresses reader.

Prominent Negative Features: usage problems; garble; redundancy; faulty punctuation; shifting point of view; weak structural core; weak organization; list technique; faulty spelling; illegible handwriting.

Comment: The idea of listing strengths and weaknesses is a useful way to start comments—if students understand the terms used. RayS.

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