Monday, May 10, 2010

Topic: Merit Pay

10-second review: Not too seriously—but then again maybe these are serious criteria.

Title: “The CLA$$ROOM.” RA Russell, Jr. English Journal (March 2010), 105-106.

Summary: On the question of criteria for merit pay: How about personal appearance? How about aesthetics of the classroom? How about handwriting on the white board, blackboard, etc. How about handouts? How about dealing with querulous parents? And, on a serious note, how long do students go after they have graduated, to realize the importance of what you taught them?

Comment: Ouch! There’s plenty to think about on the criteria listed above, most of which -–on personal appearance—I used to loosen my tie—on handwriting on the board—illegible—on the aesthetics of the classroom—bare walls, because other teachers used the same classroom—and best of all, my first teaching assignment was in 1956 with the Class of 1960—most of the students did not realize the value of what I taught them—but today, in 2010, on the eve of their 50th reunion, they all do. RayS.

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