Monday, August 9, 2010

Topic: Readability vs. Comprehensibility

10-second review: The problems with readability measures and guidelines for comprehensibility.

Title: “Readability and Comprehensibility.” N Marshall. Journal of Reading (March 1979), 542-544.

Quote: “…readability formulas (measuring sentence and word length) fail to measure meaning. Since comprehension is the process of dealing with meaning, readability and comprehensibility are not interchangeable. Instead of determining the readability of textbooks, educators should be determining their comprehensibility.

Quote: “Determining Comprehensibility….
.Are the major points the author wished to make clearly stated?
.Are the key vocabulary terms defined clearly?
.Are all the new concepts introduced in the context of familiar concepts?
.Are ideas clearly related to each other?
.Are pronouns used unambiguously?
.Has the author of the book addressed an audience of readers with backgrounds similar to those students who will be reading the book?”

Comment: A significant distinction. RayS.

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