Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Topic: Reading on the Job

10-second review: Divides reading tasks on the job into reading-to-learn and reading-to-do. The latter is most needed on the job.

Title: “Research: Reading on the Job.” Mary Seifert. Journal of Reading (January 1979), 360-362.

Quote: “The further away from a school-like setting, the less an individual reported engaging in reading-to-learn tasks.” P. 361.

Quote: “Information sought in these reading-to-do tasks was either to find data (fact finding) or to find out how to do something (following directions)…. The information sought was displayed as text, tables and figures. About one-third of the information was displayed in text and about another third displayed in figures.” P. 362.

Comment: Points out the need to help students read figures and tables. RayS.

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