Thursday, August 5, 2010

Topic: A Writing Project That Is Guaranteed To Be Fun.

10-second review: Write to the postal service, mayors, chambers of commerce regarding the origins of unusual place names, like Scratch Ankle, Alabama.

Title: “Uneeda Helper Ina Reading Center?” JE Cook and DM Swanson. Journal of Reading (March 1979), 531-533.

Summary: Distribute maps of the United States and have students scour them for unusual place names and collect them. Then write to the Post Office, mayors or chambers of commerce inquiring about the origin of the towns’ names. Today, of course, you can get the same information on the Internet. This article was published in 1979. For example, look up in Google or Bing “No County, Missouri”; “Wytopitlock, Maine”; “Accident, Maryland”; “Blue Eye, Missouri”; “Democrat, Kentucky”; “Dwarf, Kentucky.” RayS.

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