Monday, February 7, 2011

Research: Holistic Scoring of Essay Tests

Question: Are students’ scores on holistically scored essays affected by the quality of essays preceding them?

Answer: “Found that context effects, such as essays receiving higher marks when preceded by poor quality scripts than when preceded by high quality scripts, persisted despite the use of model essays during scoring.” DC Hughes and B Keeling. 1984. P. 195.

Comment: Who’d a thunk it. In holistic scoring the quality of the preceding essay affects the grade of the present essay. Evidence that one needs multiple tests when evaluating writing. The SAT wasn’t wrong when including assessment of style and grammar along with the 25-miunte essay. RayS.

Title: “Annotated Bibliography of Research in the Teaching of English.” JD Marshall and RK Durst. Research in the Teaching of English (May 1985), pp. 183-204.

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