Monday, May 21, 2012

Literacy Outside of School


Question: What can be learned by literacy educators from observing students’ use of literacy outside of school?

Answer/Quote: “Also, in India, Ethiopia and Uganda, as we have seen, there are examples of adult literacy educators going out into the streets and marketplaces to find out what the learners whom they will encounter in educational contexts are actually doing with literacy in their everyday lives so the educators can build on this while developing  the new literacy practices that the learners will need.” P. 226.

Comment: Makes sense. Knowing students’ literacy practices outside of school can help teachers connect formal literacy needs with what the students already use in their daily literacy practices. Knowing how to connect the two is another issue. RayS.

Title: “Society Reschooling.” BV Street. Reading Research Quarterly (April/May/June 2012), 216-227.

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