Monday, June 28, 2010

Topic: Service Learning

10-second review: The biggest problem facing those who want to use service-learning as a link to academic learning is making and understanding that link.

Title: “Schoolwide Literacy and Service-Learning through the Millennium Development Goals.” A Wall and TS Edmunds. Voices from the Middle (September 2009), 16-23.

Quote: “This past year was our first experience explicitly linking service-learning to any type of academic learning, so we have much reflection and work ahead of us. Some of the continuing challenges we face include integrating service-learning and literacy even more richly, developing students’ increased ability to understand and articulate the links and creating space and time to allow students to bring more of their service-learning projects to fruition.”

Comment: What precipitated this understanding of the links to academic learning was a student’s remark that in preparing the dining room for the diners, she could have done the same thing at home. Why here?

The academic connections to experiences in service-learning would appear to be rich, especially in writing—and especially in analyzing the situations and reflecting on the experiences and the people involved. RayS.

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