Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Topic: Why Service-Learning?

10-second review: Service-learning is one method of applying skills learned in school.

Title: “Making the Switch: Light Bulbs, Literacy and Service-Learning.” LA Chiaravalleti. Voices from the Middle (September 2009), 24-33.

Quote: “In today’s standards-based reform climate, with its heightened expectations and narrow focus on standardized test scores, how can middle-level educators continue to help students see school as meaningful?”

Quote: “When curricular units are built upon the concepts of service-learning, educators demonstrate to students the power of knowledge and literacy by having them apply their skills to effect changes in their community. No longer are reading, writing and math just things students do at school while being told they will need these skills ‘some day.’ With service-learning, ‘someday’ is now, and the skills are immediately applied to real-life problems.”

Comment: Need to emphasize the academic skills to be learned along with the goals of the service-learning project. RayS.

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