Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Topic: Timelines in Writing Fiction

10-second review: Timelines in preparing to write a work of fiction.

Title: “Timelines Help You Develop Plot and Character.” Nancy J. Sanders. The Writer (November 2009), 8.

Quote: “First I draw a blank timeline on a piece of typing paper and divide it into about a dozen equal segments. Then I photocopy this.”

Quote: “I make a separate copy of the timeline for each of the main characters and track how they are changing from beginning to end of the story.”

Quote: “I make a separate copy of the timeline for historic events that happened either locally or worldwide during the era my story takes place.”

Comment: One of my inadequacies as an English teacher was in creative writing. The Writer is a magazine by writers for writers. Each month it is a handbook full of techniques for writing fiction—and all other genres. I wish I had known about this publication when I was an English teacher. It could have filled in one of the gaps in my curriculum. RayS.

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