Monday, July 12, 2010

Topic: Fluency and Vocabulary

10-second review: Timed repeated reading of poems for increased fluency and intensive vocabulary study provide rapid recognition of words.

Title: “Intensive Word Study and Repeated Reading Improves Reading Skills for Two Students with Learning Disabilities.” DH Staudt. Reading Teacher (October 2009), 142-151.

Aspects of Word Study
Words with multiple meanings: create a word web with separate areas for each meaning.

Words that function as more than one part of speech: draw a ;picture of the words, demonstrating each part of speech.

Words that have a prefix, suffix and/or a root: list other words with the same prefixes, suffixes and roots.

Words that show similarity or contrast: link adjectives to nouns, like knobby knees and knobby trees.

Words with degrees of difference: make a continuum of words that demonstrate shades of meaning.

Words that function figuratively: compare literal and figurative meanings.

Comment: Preparing for this level of vocabulary study will not be easy, but these activities demonstrate what the author means by intensive vocabulary study. RayS.

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