Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Topic: Tips on How to Enclourage Young Children's Reading

10-second review: Tips on initial book activities.

Title: “Tips for Parents, Primary Caregivers and Educators.” IRA/CBC Liaison Committee, JL LaBonty and J Reynolds. Reading Teacher (October 2009), G-15-G-16.

Initial Book Activities
.Set aside a regular time and place for books so that reading books becomes as natural as eating and sleeping.

.Browse through books to help the child  become familiar with books and how they are handled.

.Read the story while the child points to the pictures. Adults and child can repeat interesting sounds, repetitive word patterns and distinctive word features.

.Have the child tell the story using the illustrations while the adult reinforces the telling. The two can predict outcomes, discuss how the characters feel. And relate the events to their own experiences.

.Read the book to the child. Re-tell the story together and talk about the characters, setting, plot and life experiences.

.Make regular trips to the library and attend story telling sessions. Visit book stores together to begin a personal library for a child.

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