Thursday, July 22, 2010

Topic: Tips on How to Enclourage Young Children's Reading

10-second review: Beginning reading[level activities.

Title: “Tips for Parents, Primary Caregivers, and Educators.” IRA/CBC Liaison Committee, J LaBonty and J Reynolds. Reading Teacher (October 2009), G-14 – G-16.

Beginning Reading-Level Activities
Note: Children at this level should be encouraged to browse through books and pretend to read the story—an initial step toward becoming an independent reader. Children may tell the story to themselves or attempt to read frequently highlighted words.

.Read the story as the child points to the pictures on each page.

.Let the child pretend to read the story as the adult points to the pictures.

.Read alternate pages, ask each other questions, and discuss the story. The adult models what he or she thinks of when reading the page so the child gets a variety of perspectives on the ways words have different meanings.

.Use computer programs to expand a child’s interest in specific topics.

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