Friday, October 8, 2010

Topic: Code of Ethics for the International Reading Association

10-second review: Includes ethical standards in professional relationships and ethical standards in reading services.

Title: “IRA Code of Ethics.” Reading Teacher (October 1979), 56-57.

Ethical Standards in Professional Relationships.
.Strive for harmonious relationships with other professionals.

.Report results of research and other developments in reading.

.Don’t claim affiliation with the International Reading Association as evidence of competence.

Ethical Standards in Reading Services
.Must possess suitable qualifications for engaging in consulting, clinical or remedial work. Unqualified persons should not engage in such activities except under the direct supervision of one who is properly qualified.

.Information derived from services must be confidential.

.Recognize boundaries of competence.

.Referrals to specialists in allied fields and pertinent information made available.

.No guarantees.

.Fees agreed on in advance.

Comment: It’s good to have a code of ethics in any profession. Somewhere I read, however, that there is no code of ethics for English teachers. Is this true? RayS.

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