Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Topic: Testing and Graduation

10-second review: No single test should ever be used to decide on promotion, graduation, etc.

Title: “A Position on Minimum Competencies in Reading.” Adopted by the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association, April 1979. Reading Teacher (October 1979), 54-55.

Quote: “No single measure or method of assessment of minimum competencies should ever be the sole criterion for graduation or promotion of a student. Multiple indices assessed through a variety of means, including teacher observations, student work samples, past academic performance and student self-reports, should be employed to assess competence.”

Comment: There seems to be a pattern developing against the use of a single test for such important milestones as promotion from a grade or graduation from a school. What is suggested is multiple assessments. Single tests can be useful in tracking a student’s progress, determining weaknesses, and providing assistance. RayS.

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