Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Archive Article: Personal Narratives

Question: Why begin the semester with personal narrative assignments?

Answer: “I have always begun my semester with a narrative assignment for the usual reasons: students write better when they write what they know; teachers should scaffold writing assignments…to enable students to move from what is emotionally close to them to more complex and seemingly faraway topics; narratives allow teachers to get to know their students and their students’ writing in more  multifaceted ways.”

Comment: Personal narratives will be embodied in expository writing. I do not assign personal narratives as assignments because they sometimes become too personal, embarrassing the students and me. Within the context of exposition, they generally take the form of illustration ad, therefore, providing distance between themselves and the audience. That is my opinion about the use of the personal essay. RayS.

Title: “Grading the War Story.” M Burdick. Teaching English in the Two-Year College (May 2009), 353-354.

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