Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Topic: Reflecting on Our Responses to Student Writing

Question: Do we reflect on our responses to student writing?

Answer: We do reflect on our responses to students’ writing. But that reflection does not show up in the responses. As a result, our responses to students writing are inadequate, insufficient, and unhelpful. The author suggests that we reflect on our responses to student’s writing and perhaps we will change the nature of our responses and be more helpful to the student.

Comment; Most responses to students’ writing by teachers are not helpful and not clearly understood by the students. Reflecting on our responses might change that. The author gives an excellent example of what he means in distinguishing between response and reflection on p. 380. RayS.

Title: “Focus and the Now: Making Time for Reflection-in-Action During Teacher Response.” A Edgington. Teaching English in the Two-ear College(May 2009), 380-391.

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