Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reading and Writing

Question: What relationships underlie both reading and writing?

Answer/Quote: “If fluency and control of syntactic complexity are the key language competencies underlying reading achievement, then building these two competencies may well improve reading performance. Since language is learned more readily in oral form rather than written form, the development of fluency and control of syntactic complexity in oral language would seem to be a first step. Logically, fluency would seem to come first, first orally and then in written form. Control over complex syntactic devices would then build on fluent expression….” P. 325.

Comment: In 2012, reading fluency is considered one of the basic steps in reading comprehension. That makes this study of control of syntactic complexity in fluent reading a major influence in writing as well. I find this study exciting. RayS.

Title: “An Investigation of the Relationships Between Children’s Performance in Written Language and Their Reading Ability.” P Evanechko, L Ollila and R Armstrong. Research in the Teaching of English (Winter 1974), 315-326.

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