Friday, June 1, 2012

Reading Literature

Question: Does the art in literature reside in the reader or the text?

Answer: Rosenblatt or John Rowe Ransom. This study finds that “The work of art lies not in the reader or the text but in the transaction between the two in a particular social context.” P. 261.

 Comment: Of course. Both points of view, Rosenblatt’s contributions of the readers to the meaning of literary works and Ransom’s exclusion of extraneous elements in the reader’s point of view, are important in the history of the interpretation of literature. In other words, both points of view are correct and useful. RayS.

Title: “A Longitudinal Study of the Spectator Stance as a Function of Age and Genre.” Lee Galda. Research in the Teaching of English (October 1990), 261-278.

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