Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teacher Evaluation

Question: What is one tool, not used very often, for teacher evaluation?

Answer/Quote: “Since the teacher has such an important influence in the classroom, he must be willing to examine his own teaching behavior. At the same time he must be a part of an environment which fosters this desire for self-analysis, and he must be made cognizant of appropriate tools with which to make this self-appraisal.” P. 85.

Comment: This is an old article, so please excuse the sexist language. The article shows how teacher self-reflection as part of teacher observation and evaluation has been around quite a while. I think teacher self-reflection is an important part of improving instruction. I regret not doing it as an active teacher. I think I might have been a much better teacher if I had. RayS.

Title: “Teacher Observation Systems: Some Implications for English Education.” John H. Bushman. Research in the Teaching of English (Spring 1972), 69-85.

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